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Sep 19, 2018

Here Erica shares a story about a vacation that really drove the point home how easy it is to manifest what you want by relaxing, letting go, and living in the flow. After sharing her story, she shares 3 ways to manifest to what you want in your life. 

Erica Boucher, host of the ALL WAYS EVOLVING Podcast, is an Author, Educator, & Yogi. Her book, SHOWING UP NAKED, and her signature program, 12-Weeks to LOVE YOUR LIFE, focus on 3 key areas: self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and communication & relationships. Both her book and signature program are designed to help people get clear about who they are and what they want so they can create and live lives they love.

Her advanced courses (the EMPATH Yoga Teacher Training, Life Coach Certification, and Business Incubator) are next level trainings for those ready to make a difference in people's lives, beginning with their own. Erica also organizes annual yoga retreats and travel around the world.

Learn more about Erica and all of her offerings at

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